5 world’s largest super yachts

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The world’s super yachts are the haunts of the rich and famous. Floating palaces that carry price tags into hundreds of millions of pounds. These privately owned vessels are professionally crewed and can be found in the Mediterranean, Caribbean, and Middle East amongst other places. Here are the five largest in existence today.

No 5. – El Horriya
This first on our list of the top 5, is also one of the worlds oldest super yachts still operating. Originally built in London in 1865 for the King of Egypt, it was extended in length in 1872, and again in 1905, and then refitted in 1987. It is berthed out of Alexandria and although it’s listed as a training ship by the Egyptian Navy, it still has the capacity to carry up to 160 crew members.

No 4. – Prince Abdulaziz
This yacht is owned by the Saudi royal family, and was the largest yacht build in the 20th Century, and first set sail in 1984. At its widest, it measures 60 feet across. Its hull is made of steel and it can accommodate up to 64 guests and 65 crew members. It is used by the Saudi royal family for personal voyages and business trips.

No. 3 – Al Said
This vessel is another royally owned super yacht owned this time by the Sultan of Oman. Wider than the Prince Abdulaziz by 19 feet, it has six decks, and includes a concert room that can hold a fifty piece orchestra. It was completed in 2008 and can accommodate 70 guests and up to 154 crew members.

No.2 – Dubai
Originally commissioned by Prince Jefri Bolkiah of Brunei, this yacht is now owned by Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid al-Makotoum who is the ruler of the Emirate of Dubai who bought it while it was still being constructed. Its luxurious interior designs include hand made mosaics, spiral staircase with colour changing glass steps, several jacuizzi’s spread over seven decks, and a helicopter pad which can service a helicopter in excess of ten tons. It has space for 115 people including guests, staff and crew, and has an impressive range of 8,500 miles.
It is reported that Sheik Mohammed has been considering extending the Dubai adding another 8 feet in order to try and re-claim the title of the worlds largest super yacht. At present however, it remains in the number 2 spot.

No. 1 – Eclipse
Not only the largest yacht but the most expensive with a reported price of almost 1.2 billion dollars. Not yet in the water, the Eclipse is owned by Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich the owner of England’s Chelsea Football club. The Eclipse has two helicopter pads, two swimming pools, is equipped with intruder detection systems and a German built missile defence system. The master suite and bridge come complete with bullet proof glass, and armour plating, and the ship has an ‘anti-paparazzi’ shield installed which uses lasers to detect a camera and ruin any photos taken with a flash of light. It can accommodate 30 guests and 75 crew members, and even has its own three person submarine.

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